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Omaha Paper Stock Company is a
fourth-generation, recycling business with
locations throughout the USA; specializing in
corrugated, paper waste, recovery and

Why Recycle ?
In these days of rising costs, one way to save money is by recycling your paper and packaging materials. A typical office worker generates between 120 - 150 pounds of recoverable white office paper per year! While collecting paper for recycling, you will also be producing less waste, therefore your trash collection costs will decrease.
Omaha Paper Stock offers:
  • Tailor Made recovery programs
  • Balers/Compactors
  • Gaylord boxes for storage and removal of loose paper
  • Regular collection of material - baled, baled, loose, boxed, etc.
  • Trailers spotted at your facility
  • Top prices paid for corrugated and all grades of paper
  • Brokerage of baled material (20 tons plus)
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